meet ashley

I was born and raised in northern Wisconsin, with strong values including: life is about choices, family comes first and always wave to your neighbors!  After high school I moved to Colorado where I later graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 2008.  After graduation, I moved to the lesserknown island paradise of Okinawa, Japan where I acquired a love for rock climbing, high standards for sushi, two loving dogs and an amazing husband in the course of my five year stay.  We now live in southern Virginia where I have fallen in love with the lifestyle of southern living, pimento cheese and grits.  We now have a beautiful baby girl born in 2017, so I get most of my work done during nap time! 





I am one of those people who is always seeking further education, and instead of pursuing a third Master's, and accruing another $50,000 in student loans, I decided to pick up crochet again after watching my friend JH make beautiful baby blankets for her new mama friends.  After crochet came knitting, then following quickly behind came quilting and sewing.  Eventually, I realized that my house nor my budget wasn't big enough to hold everything I wanted to create, while my friends were simultaneously starting to say "Will you make that for me? I'll pay you!" and now here we are.


Thanks for stopping by!